Top 5 Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website – [2018]

Top 5 Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website – [2018]

If you want to make your blog better learning more about your audience is necessary. You can find out what content they like the most where your traffic is coming from and whether your blog is growing in the right direction.

But to get the entire data you require an analytics tool like Google Analytics. More than just Google Analytics on your Website you also need a way to simply find the specific data and reports that literally provide useful information.

For helping you to do this We are going to share some of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress. Many of these plugins will assist you not only add the Google Analytics tracking code to WordPress but also view important analytics reports right on your WordPress dashboard.

You’ll be more likely to use it when you’re able to access actionable analytics data without leaving WordPress. So let’s have a look:-

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Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress Website

A Google Analytics plugin should accomplish at least two things:-

  • It should establish the connection between your Website and Google Analytics without you having to update any of your site’s code.
  • It should add a comprehensive dashboard filled with statistics to WordPress backend. And keeping the entire data for your site within WordPress.

Most of the following Google Analytics plugins will guide you achieve those goals. Your goal now should be to shift through this list and find one with the ease of use, price point and intended purpose that jives best with what you need.


1. Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress Plugin

google analytics dashboard for wp

This is the ultimate Google Analytics plugin. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP adds the tracking code to your site and then it pulls all the key statistics and a little bit more into your dashboard. The entire Google Analytics data fits within a single widget on your dashboard. It’s up to you for configuring the type of timeframe, statistic and any special dimensions that you wish to show within it. It also works with multisite.

2. Google Analytics+ Plugin

Google Analytics+ Plugin

This plugin simplifies the process of getting the Google Analytics tracking code onto your site and then it enables users to add as little or as many data about their site or network of sites to the WordPress dashboard.

3. Analytify Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin

Google Analytics Dashboard By Analytify

Analytify is the premium plugin. The dashboard interface is the same but this one comes filled to the brim with performance data, social media referral information, e-commerce tracking, page-level analyses, and much more. You can also catch a glimpse of each page’s analytics from the frontend of your site.

The one more thing to note is the pricing. There are plans for various business purposes. However, if you are a developer or serving multiple clients on behalf of your agency you can secure enhanced WordPress analytics all at once with this plugin.

4. GA Google Analytics Plugin

GA Google Analytics Plugin

This is a Pure and simple Plugin. This plugin aims for achieving the Analytics tracking code on each and every page of your Site. GA Google Analytics is the best for you if that’s all you require help with and you’re not interested in pulling statistics into your dashboard.

5. MonsterInsights Plugin

Most of the plugins will pull in the usual statistics from Google Analytics. Just like the number of real-time visitors, referral sites and so on. Also, this one still goes further and tracks link internal, outbound, and affiliate, file downloads as well as e-commerce sales. This is the best plugin for you if you’re trying to make money on your site and these smaller and yet more important pieces are key to conversion tracking.

Concluding Remarks

This leads to the end of this blog. If you want your site to be successful now and in the future you can’t afford to leave anything up to chance. Also, Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that will help you unlock those insights into what’s happening on Website. With the help of Google Analytics plugin, you can spend less time concerning about how to code it into the backend. And reviewing your data so you can update your content and the user experience appropriately.

You can also avail help from our WordPress Website Maintenance team. Our expert will tell you the root cause of the problem, they will guide you properly. This will ensure that next time if the problem occurs, you can handle it yourself. Dial our WordPress Support Toll-Free number + 1 844 275 0975.

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