What is localhost in WordPress?

Local Host in WordPress

The localhost is the default name which describes local computer’s address also called as the loopback address. For example, by typing: ping localhost, it ping the local IP address of (the loopback address). Whenever setting up a web server or software on a web server, this above loopback address is used to point/define the software to the local machine.

In the field of computer networking, localhost is a host which refers to “this computer” or by more accuracy “the computer I’m working on”. IT types, network administrators and programmers, also use the term “home” (home computer)

A keyword in this above definition is “network,” it is because the term “localhost’ comes into play only when someone is at their computer and connected to a network and by using it for testing programs or for testing the virtual connection between two computers.

Advantage of localhost

  • It’s always better to have local server for development