What is Database in WordPress?

Database in WordPress

A database is a collection of many information which are categorized in a manner so that it can be easily managed, accessed and updated.

All the data is categorized into rows, columns and tables, and also it is indexed to make it easier so that relevant information can be find easily. Whenever new data is added in the database it gets expanded, updated and deleted also.Database mainly follows workloads so that creation and updation can be done on it.

WordPress uses MySQL as its Database Management System (DBMS) for adding, updating, creating and deleting the data from WordPress. If you wish to install WordPress then you need a MySQL database. All WordPress providers include MySQL in their hosting packages.

How to Manage WordPress Database

This is very necessary to manage the WordPress database. WordPress database is managed through the phpMyAdmin. Because it is an open source program with an easy and GUI enabled system to manage MySQL databases.