What is Permalinks in WordPress?

Permalinks in WordPress

Permalink is also known as a Permanent link. A permalink is a link or an address related to a particular blog or any page of your WordPress website. Permalinks are the permanent links which remain unchanged. In WordPress website, permalinks of any two or more blogs can never be the same, they remain different from each other.

Structure of Permalink in WordPress

The structure of permalink in WordPress website is like as:


Advantages of Permalink in WordPress

Advantages of Permalink are as follows:

  • Anyone can easily understand the individual portion of your WordPress blog anywhere in the world
  • If another blogger wants to link to your content, then he only needs your permalink to do so
  • Permalink is very useful, as if you wish to share your blog on social media sites like facebook, twitter etc, then you use your permalink to do this.
  • Google also wants permalink of your content for indexing
  • And also if you wish to show your content to your friend by an email, then you share your permalink to your friend inside the email.